He's at it again! Funny chicken names

Silly chicken names

He's at it again! My son has been naming the chickens. You've probably read about his knack for giving the chickens funny names and the latest ones are not a disappointment! At first it started out innocently enough. A porcelain Silkie chick named Buttercup. A white Silkie chick named snowflake. Then it got weird. Again. You just have to see it to believe it, so here they are:

Princess Peach and Cookie. (as in big fluffy feet like cookie monsters hands)

buff silkie chick, blue silkie chick

Number 10 (this one liked to sneak out of the grow out pen. We would count and only find 9....so he started calling it Number 10. Even when there was 13, we'd be looking for number 10 lol)

black silkie chick

Then there was Chip (looked like chocolate chip ice cream)

Paint silkie chick

Not pictured are a little blue Silkie named Garlic Breath who likes to eat raw garlic. A Marans roo named Twofer...we set eggs because we needed 1 cockerel, 2 hatched. Also a young pearl Guinea he named Werp Werp. Apparently that is the noise she makes.


I guess I understand it though. There are a lot of weird sayings we use when keeping chickens!


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  1. Haha, those are funny names! I'd have to say garlic breath is my favorite :)

  2. I named the alpha hen Blue after the raptor in the newer Jurassic park movie. Lol