Marans eggs

It's only taken 3 years, but I think I finally have my marans eggs where I want them! We have French Black Copper Marans chickens. Marans lay a beautiful chocolate colored egg made famous by French chefs and of course James Bond! 

Here in the real world one of Mr Bonds omelets would easily cost upwards of $30. Most people don't eat such a pricey egg, they are much more valuable when hatched! 

Chocolate brown Marans eggs

black copper marans eggs

The funny thing about Marans though is that while they start out around 5 months old, laying that lovely dark brown often fades to a medium brown within a few months. My goal has been to breed a Marans who lays the same color egg throughout her laying career. The eggs in the above picture are from my 1 and 2 year old hens.

I do believe the egg color could be darker, and I'm working on that. These things do take time though and for now, I am thrilled with the progress I have made!


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  1. Gorgeous eggs!! I have never seen those. I had Auracaunas once and I loved those pastel colored eggs. These chocolate colored ones are gorgeous as well!