Silkie Manor & a new goose house!

The Silkies got a new house this summer. I think it suits them, what do you think? We call it Silkie Manor. It was a kids playhouse (originally sold at Sam's club) and we found it on Craigslist. A family was moving and didn't want to move the house with them, so we bought it and brought it home for the Silkies!

silkie coop

Choosing new coops

Hubby wanted it because it's washable. After power washing the wood in the big coop several times, we both were sick of that ordeal! lol So all 10 adults and 13 babies moved into the new house last month. They love it! They have bay windows with perches in front of them. There is a storage window seat for feed containers and such. 

We added in a 3 story ferret cage so the mama hens have a set of 'condos' to brood their babies in (lets just hope they don't all go broody at once, or we'll need more condos!) All we really had to do to convert it to a coop was build a platform for it and add some latches to the doors.

Since the Silkies were getting a brand new house, the Geese wanted one too! Hubby built them a sturdy weather-proof board and batten goose house, complete with tin roof to match the bog coop! It's not stained yet, but they love it just as well. Luckily a goose coop is pretty simple since they don't need much. 

goose house

Ivana loves it so much, after her first night in the coop...she started dancing! She's such a pretty little Sebbie!

sebastapol goose

So now the geese have a new house and pond, the Silkies have a new's time for a new Guinea house. I can't wait to see what the Mr has in mind for this one!!!

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  1. Oh, your girls are living in high fashion! Love it! Tell hubby he done good! Our girls live in the Little Red Recycled Hen House my hubby built for them!

    1. I will let him know. The best part about the Silkie coop is that we actually found it through Craigslist! Can't wait to see your coop!