Using fall leaves in the chicken run.

When I put the baby Guineas into the chicken run again this morning I noticed they looked kinda, well....bored! These little guys go in the covered run every day by themselves till they're big enough to play outside without the big kids picking on  them. I suppose after awhile that would get boring, so I decided to find them something to do.

Using dry leaves in the chickens run

I gave them some leaves to play in and boy did they have a good time! It was simple really, I just raked up some dry leaves and threw them in the run.

leaves, chicken coop

Lots of little bugs hide in leaves (like momma said....never jump in a leaf pile, you'll get ticks!) and chickens and guineas love bugs. There's also lots of little bit of grasses and weed seeds that get raked up with them. The leave are organic and they break down to almost nothing. It's quicker if they stay dry, but even the wet ones will break down eventually. favorite part...they're FREE! :-) Nothing like free litter for the run or you can even use leaves inside the coop.  With all the $$ we spend on sand, shavings, straw and hay I really like these 2 months of free run filler! 

These little guys had so much fun, I decided to rake a few piles of leaves into both the silkie runs and the big guinea run. Try it, your chickens will love it too!


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  1. I do this every fall too! It keeps the ground dry in the coop, makes excellent material for composting in the spring and keeps the chickens entertained!

  2. I agree...they seem to love it!