Preparing your chickens for Autumn

As the seasons change so do the things we need to do to take care of our flocks. Since I have a list of seasonal chores I do to prepare for each season, I decided to make a little graphic to show exactly what I do in the coop to get ready for fall.

Getting your chickens ready for fall.

Since Autumn brings cooler weather, I focus on getting the chickens back to their pre-molt splendor and making sure they enter fall parasite free. I also check the safety and security of the chicken coop. We don't want any predators getting in during these cooler months, now do we? I add in a little bit of cleaning to get rid of some of the yuck from summer and call it done.

Now let's get started... this shouldn't take long at all!

Getting your chickens ready for fall

First, check the chicken coop to make sure there are no leaks coming from the roof, or water seeping in through the walls. Looks for holes and rotted wood. Make sure roost bars are still sturdy. 

Check latches on doors and make sure windows close and lock. If you have electric in your chicken coop give that a look over too making sure all the wires are still in good shape.

Chickens usually molt in autumn and they need special nutrition when they're going through their fall molt. In Are your chickens molting? I explain everything you can do to help. (it's really easy!)

Check your chickens for parasites. Take a few minutes to pick up each chicken and look for mites and lice between feathers and under wings. Also check around the vent area for lice eggs. I usually dust with DE every fall just to be safe. It's especially important to get rid of bugs so they have an easier time recovering from their fall molt!

Use autumn leaves as coop bedding. Dried leaves are a great bedding choice especially if you're looking to save money. Or you could Use fall leaves in the chicken run

Looking for a boredom buster for when the chickens can't come out to play? Toss a bunch of dried fall leaves in the run and a handful of scratch and they'll spend hours having a grand 'ole time digging through it.

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Preparing chickens for autumn

Clean out nest boxes. Nest boxes get a lot of use in summer so now is the perfect time to clean them out. If you can remove them completely and wash them out, even better. Allow to dry thoroughly before replacing.

Clean out cobwebs. Spiders are serious overachievers in summer! By now they're starting to slow down so grab the broom and get those cobwebs outta the rafters! While you're at it make sure the air vents are clear and not clogged with critters, leaves or other debris.


Give feed bowls and waterers a good scrubbing. I like to do this seasonally. I scrub mine with warm water and Oxine Ah. Rinse well and allow to air dry before refilling.

See? I told you that wouldn't take long! Now go have a great autumn and I'll share that winter graphic with you in a few months!

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Caring for chickens in autumn

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