Brinsea chicks have hatched!

I'm a bit late on posting this! I took the picture at the time and the post just didn't get written *sigh* busy busy! Back in September, the Mother Earth News Fair was in Seven Springs. Brinsea was there with a booth full of their awesome products. 

They had incubators, brooders and even one of  their new Clifton coops! It was pretty awesome. For us the best part was.......our chicks were in the Brinsea booth! Silkie and Marans chicks, and guinea keets hopped about happily underneath their EcoGlow 20 and even more babies were hatching in an Octagon Advance. 

Baby chicks under brinsea brooder  
We had also brought several eggs in the first week of incubation. Visitors got the chance to peer into the eggs using the OvaScope. I have one of these and absolutely love it for candling! (it even works on the super dark Marans eggs) 

So if you happened to peep in on them while incubating....this is what they look like now: 

Brinsea chicks have hatched!

chicks under brinsea ecoglow

(there are more under that brooder!) It was a really fun and informative weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting the Brinsea people! They were just the sweetest, nicest, easiest to work with...well, I just can't say enough good things!!! 

We're looking forward to attending the Mother Earth News fair and working with them again next year! This was just too much fun, and I got the chance to check out the new Clifton Coop. Hubby had looked at it online and had some questions. I enjoyed seeing it in person, being able to feel how sturdy it is and seeing how easy it will be to clean. I think this would be a perfect choice for a small urban flock. Or a breeder pen. 😉

Have a great morning!


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