Chickens everywhere: The Mascots

I've noticed more chicken 'memorabilia' around the farm lately! This time I'm looking at our Mascots. "What are the mascots" you ask? They are the feathered friend figurines that we have with us everywhere we go. These guys occupy space in all the vehicles. In the car. the truck and even the farm vehicle....the Gator.

ducky stuffed

I'm the main farmer, the truck is mine. In the truck lives Strut the mini beanie baby. He somehow acquired a pink rubber ball which we refer to as 'his egg'. (pretty sure it was confiscated from a kid that wouldn't quit playing with it while I was driving!)

Next up is the ducky. We have rubber duckies everywhere so it's no surprise that hubby has a rubber ducky hanging from the rear view mirror in his car. You might recall the wedding duckies I posted about before. They once lived on the dashboard of his SUV. The groom in his corner and the bride in my corner (passenger side) Now they reside in the workshop, but the rubber ducky with the heart on his chest lives in the car now!

Last up is the Gator mascot...the White rooster that hangs from the roof is a mini WebKinz. He came with a virtual code, but I didn't feel like playing with roosters online. I have enough to play with in real life! I was afraid to put him in the Gator after I bought him. It doesn't have doors and we often go trail riding as well as use it for farm chores. Surprisingly, he's stayed white so far!

What about you? Do you have fathered friend mascots in your vehicles?


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