Top 5 blog posts of 2013

I've had some extra time recently and I thought it would be fun to look back at the most popular posts of last year. Some of them I expected, others kind of surprised me! So without too much rambling on my they are! 

best chicken blog posts

#1) 10 Chicken Supplies from the dollar store
Save yourself some money and get these common chicken keeping supplies at your local dollar store.

#2) Mother Earth News Fair in Pennsylvania
The last 2 years we've attended the Mother Earth New fair and brought chicks to the Brinsea booth. What a great time! Hope to see you there next year!

#3) Growing Fodder for feed
Another way to save some money.....this time on the feed bill! Learn to grow fodder to feed your chickens healthy and cheap greens all winter long!
macro wheat seed

#4) A brief word about wry neck
How I treated a Silkie chick with wry neck and what happened when her chicks started hatching out with wry neck also.
silkie crook neck

#5) Clipping chicken nails 
When one of our most broody Silkies started growing ridiculously long toenails, we had to learn how to clip them properly.
silkie chicken

I was pretty surprised by number 2, but the rest I expected. Especially number 1. That one has been pinned a LOT! I can't wait to see what's popular this year!


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