Unique chicken themed gifts for the crazy chicken lady

This post has been updated for the 2023 holiday season!

If there is one thing I get a lot of, it's chicken themed gifts. I'm pretty sure that when somebody decides to get me a gift for any occasion they just think "chickens" in a eureka sort of moment and that's how the gift is chosen. Either that or there's a backyard chicken farmer gift store somewhere that I don't know about!

I'm not complaining at all! I have some really great items in my chicken collection. I have chicken Christmas ornaments, chicken statues and a chicken jewelry box. I have an adorable chicken charm for my bracelet and several Murano glass chickens (that choice is kind of a twofer in my case!) 

Crazy Chicken Lady

I have accumulated chicken pictures and chicken pitchers. They really are different ya know? Stuffed chickens and rubber duckies in every shape and size. Funny chicken signs and coffee mugs. Clothing with chickens on it and dish towels with chickens on them too. 

I even have a crochet chicken oven mitt and a life size handmade crepe paper and burlap rooster from somewhere in South America. His name is Rodney, don't judge me!

Whew, that's a lot of chickens! It does bring me to my point though. If you or someone you know are a crazy chicken lady like me, you might need an appropriately themed gift. Whether you're celebrating Christmas in July or just have a birthday coming up you'll find unique chicken gifts on this list that are perfect for the  chicken farmer in your life!


Unique chicken themed gifts

1) Farmer Barbie. Guys....she has a chicken! Barbie is dressed in jeans, a red plaid shirt and chore boots and carrying a white chicken. I seriously need this! It's listed for $60 on Amazon BUT I've seen it in Walmart stores for much less. This is also the new, more realistic body style Barbie with flat feet. 

UPDATE: Since I update this post every year (cause the internet is forever and I want you to find what you're looking for on my posts) there was a new chicken farmer Barbie added in 2018! This one is about $23 on Amazon and in stores and she has multiple chickens, some chicks, eggs and even a chicken coop! How stinkin cute is that? Thanks to Sherry in Ohio for letting me use her picture! (it sells out from time to time, so check back for restock)

2) Chicken Wine Bottle Holder. I have never seen one of these before! You'll just have to look at the picture for this one...because I have no words! Cute though, right?

3) Chicken scarf. This sheer white scarf is 24 X 24 inches approx. and is covered with chickens in multiple colors. $12 So cute! I definitely need this one.  

White scarf with cute chicken print

4) Chicken Family Decal set. This is the cutest sticker family ever! (so much better than stick figure people!) This chicken decal set has a rooster, a hen and 4 chicks. The set is $5. There's also an additional  Crazy Chicken Lady hen decal if you want to go all out chicken across the back of your car! Under $4.

5) Chicken shaped flash drive. Well what else are you going to store all your chicken pictures on? 8GB and under $8.

6) White Onesie Chicken Pajama Costume. You read that right! Chicken PJ's! Less then $25 to dress up as your favorite chicken! Complete with comb, eyes and beak on the hood and a little tail on the back side!

7) Chicken Shit Candle. Best I can figure is that this is fruit based scent. Cute graphics, comes in several sizes. $14 for the 4oz tin container candle. Kind of a gag gift, but actually useful.

8) Free range Chicken Poop Lip Junk. With the quote "If ya got dried lips, Grandpa says put chicken poop on 'em so you wont lick 'em" how could you possibly resist this all natural lip balm? $6 on Amazon though I often see it hanging by the checkout at the feed store. Funny and practical! 

9) Crazy Chicken Lady Journal. What better way to keep track of all her random thoughts and musings than a dedicated lined journal? 120 pages to jot down her thoughts, notes or even chicken flock details! Paperback.

crazy chicken lady journal

10) Customized Chicken Necklace. Now there are a lot of chicken necklaces available, but I like this one because you can chose the chain length, color of the crystal and the initial charm. It's fairly dainty and under $15.

11) Your wife, My Wife men's t-shirt.  Show your farmer husband pride with this chicken lady wife T-shirt. Available in 5 colors and 6 sizes. $16.

12) In the 'a little bit disturbing' category we have 50 Shades Of Chicken. This is a parody cookbook of recipes set to the theme of  50 shades of grey. Slightly off humor, a little bit bizarre and sure to make you laugh at the outlandish descriptions...I can't vouch for the recipes though, you'll have to try them yourself. Interestingly, it has great reviews! $12 on Kindle and print editions are available too. 

I just had to include this next one!
Ask Exploding Chicken:  If you have an Alexa device, it is free to enable the Ask Exploding Chicken which will "amaze you with a variety of poultry-related facts, punctuated by the occasional explosion. You know you want some."  Seriously...those of us with Google devices are jealous! 

Gag gifts, chicken style!

As you can see I chose mostly 'outside the box' ideas for this list. If you're going to go for a theme gift, you might as well stand out from the crowd right? If you're looking for a more mainstream chicken lover gift, check out this list of awesome chicken themed gifts. If you're looking for gifts for your chickens, I have you covered with this list of flock pleasing chicken gifts.

I hope this list of gifts for chicken keepers is useful to  you...and if you know of something a-mazing that I left out shoot me a message or leave a comment  and  I'll check it out! (I'm always looking for cool chicken themed items!)


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  1. Oh wow I didn't know they made so many chicken themed gifts! Thanks for sharing with us at #overthemoon. Have a great week!

  2. Rubber chicken purse is another one